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We are invested in working with charity and other organisations to support people experiencing or who have experienced, abuse. 

We realise how important it is for those working with victims to feel confident in recommending resources to vulnerable people, so we have given you 1 month's access to our programme so you can try it for yourself.


This is exactly the same programme that people who have recently left abuse would get..

  • What benefits will I see?
    Changes you may experience: Get Closure on your ex. No pull back to them and no thinking about them, as you move forwards in life. Feel a powerful and increased awareness of your own needs and a desire to meet them. Feel a less desperate need to be loved by someone, and more of a realisation that you can add this to your life when you want to and it is right. Stop attacks on yourself (less criticism, self blame, regret, guilt, shame...) Notice yourself being less rescuing of others, unless you choose to be! Start feeling like a survivor not a victim : a person who is empowered and free. Generate a real sense of why you are valuable, and feel it daily! Build a desire to carry on working on yourself as you feel the effect and want more of it! These all become constants and you grow trust in yourself.. and eventually with a new lover. This is the completed journey of getting love - to source it from yourself and then to share it to others.
  • Why does the programme take so long?
    True change, in terms of recovery and growth - is slow for humans. For many of us, our past abusive experiences were not short. Recovery from such an experience is not short either, it takes time. The GOGL programme can take anywhere from 6 months to a lifetime to complete - for most of us the journey to self-love is lifelong and requires us retaking parts of it over again as we meet new challenges. That said, we can experience many positive gains as we progress. It is a journey of discovery and change - the journey is truly as valuable as the destination. This is why the course is delivered slowly and made flexible in its order as you unlock it - so you can take as long as you need to and come back as often as you'd like.
  • Why do I need to do it in the structured way?
    GOGL is a journey that is designed based on known Psychological principles. It supports trauma recovery, addiction (trauma bonding), emotional regulation, emotional management, self-compassion and closure through to self-worth development. It is informed by models of therapy including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), compassionate mind, mindfulness, narrative therapy and addiction recovery models. For all of this to feel impactful, a journey was created that brings what you need (from each theory or model) to you, as you need it. It is important to realise - the journey feels like 1 direction, but we encourage you to go back as many times as you need. The lessons become a resource / toolkit for you to return to as often as you'd like.
  • How is this different to going to a counsellor or therapist?
    For some people, a therapist is definitely what you need. Especially if you have suffered severe trauma, feel suicidal and/or are struggling to engage in any type of recovery approach. For many others, therapy does not feel right or is just not available. You might not be severe enough in need to access therapy, you might not want to wait many months to get therapy and/or you may not be able to afford private therapy. GOGL is not an alternative to therapy, it is an alternative option for people who choose not to have therapy or don't need it - but do need something. It is informed by the same approaches used by therapists - designed by a Clinical Psychologist. But does not have a person listening, supporting and challenging you. It does have different aspects though - it is private, flexible, easy to fit into life, taken at your own pace and very affordable. If you are unsure and feel worried, speak to a professional - see our signposting page in the resource link at the top of our page. GOGL can be used alongside therapy, if you discuss it with your therapist and they agree.
  • What if I don’t want to do the full programme, can I get refund?
    Everyone has a 30 day money back guarantee available. After which, we have designed the programme to take 6 to 12 months or beyond. It is important to recognise that we expect you to take a while and we expect you to dip in and out. Sometimes it will feel helpful and other times it may feel hard, and you may need a break. Your access will stay open without restriction - and we know many people dip in and out of support, as their needs come and go. The programme is not refundable after 30 days, as we are encouraging long-term use - which we know is most effective.
  • Why are you different to any other self-help programme?
    GOGL is different in its approach and scale. The experience is akin to an e(self-help)workbook. A journey that is spoken to you by the founder, who talks about the recovery journey as one that you share with him and the others on the GOGL programme. It takes many months to complete and more to maintain, all of this is supported through spoken lessons and exercises designed to support you. In the world of abusive relationship recovery, almost all programmes are short term (12 sessions max) and most are group work. This programme is intentionally designed to fit into your life and to match your speed of recovery. It is huge in scale, being provided as 100s of micro sessions (15 mins or less) that support gradual but meaningful change. It is also the only digital recovery programme (for the full journey) available.
  • What if I’m seeing a counsellor or therapist?
    Talk to your counsellor or therapist about GOGL. Some recommend it as a programme to enter after your therapy has ended and others are open to exploring it during therapy. Take the advice of your therapist.
  • I’m taking medication, is it OK to do this programme?
    Talk to your prescriber (GP / Psychiatrist) if you have this concern. GOGL is not an alternative to medical care and if you are receiving medical help for your mental health, it is best to discuss the programme with it. GOGL will address big issues in your past life and some may find that they are not ready for this or need more support to face it. There is no rush, GOGL will be here when you are ready.
  • I don’t want anyone to know that I have issues, how do I do the programme in secret?
    GOGL is delivered in short sessions (typically 15 mins or less) You may be able to use a computer at work or a local library to access GOGL, during breaks or short trips. Remember to be careful on your own device if there is risk of being discovered. If this risk exists, consider contacting one of the services listed here.
  • I’m worried about a friend, can I tell them about this programme?
    We hear this a lot - and we've also known GOGL to be gifted to friends or loved ones. Gently point them to our site and suggest it may be useful. Please be sure to do this safely if your friend is in a situation where looking at our site would be a risk to them. Perhaps show them via your device, from a safe location.
  • I don’t think I can afford to do this programme, is there a way to get it free or subsidised?
    It is our deepest desire to keep the door open to those in most need: We have reduced by 66% per year, to those who need financial support (paid as a low monthly fee). Go to the Sign Up page and click the link above the programme options, to apply. At the moment, we are not able to make it free due to our own costs - but it is our hope to reduce this price even further as time goes on.
  • Most of the resources I've seen are for women, is this programme suitable for men or other sexes?
    GOGL was designed for all sexes, sexualities, ages and cultures. The programme works on what is common across mixed groups - the needs we share to understand the past, to feel in control and to get freedom and love. It is delivered in a way that embraces this shared journey and feels open and inviting to all.
  • How do I end my subscription and/or leave GOGL completely?
    We've provided a how to guide here.

Explore the Programme

Getting access for your charity, we will help you along the way.

We suggest you request access to the sandbox, so that you and your team can explore GOGL for yourselves.  Contact us here to request information on accessing GOGL for your charity.

Then return here to continue (we re-provide this link when we communicate with you)

Next steps to get access for FREE:

STEP 1: Write down the ACCESS code (coupon emailed back to you) to reduce the price to £0

STEP 2: Click the Join button below.

STEP 3: Create an account with Get Out Get Love


STEP 4: DO NOT ENTER ANY CARD DETAILS. Add the COUPON code sent to you and click on APPLY.


STEP 5: Check the price is now £0, and click Get plan

Do not continue if the price does not drop to £0, contact us at

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Access the programme

Book cover and app for get out get love programme

You can access the programme by returning to this page (and logging into the site, with the login button at the top of the page) or via the Get Out Get Love App.

To get the App

Simply click the app store button on the right that applies to you - then login to the app and your programme will be on the screen (after you joined, above).


Why we want to help

Our Founder, Dr Craig Newman - a Clinical Psychologist and serial eHealth technologist... also a DA survivor.


After his experience of escape, DA services and recovery - he wrote the book 'Get Out Get Love' and has since created this programme to support people in need... and the sector.


Craig has won many awards for healthcare innovation and social impact - he is bringing that experience to the DA sector.

What's included in the programme... 

  • 100+ Evidence-Based Audio Lessons all from the founder (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Craig Newman).

  • Embedded compassionate mind course

  • Meditations Designed specifically for those healing after abuse

  • Rescue resources to help staff at times of known crisis (emotional dysregulation, trust issue spikes, urges to contact ex etc).

  • Monthly Q&A Podcast where the founder answers user questions

  • Live events with the founder and/or expert Psychologist.

  • Self-paced, long-term journey - with resources staff can use as and when you need to.

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I’m sure that GOGL was created just for me...

It’s challenging but so good!

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