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Image by Mitchell Hartley

Get what we all want... power, freedom &

From abusive ex to

personal understanding, control and a whole new approach to your life!


For Chorley Women's Centre users

A powerful journey that replaces shame, guilt and fear...

with a feeling of Power and Self-Worth!

Experience BIG changes in how you feel & live!

The golden 'Aha' realisations

Repeated moments where your past makes sense, your ex makes sense and your recovery makes sense.  We call them 'Aha' moments, they feel both a relief and empowering.

A true sense of closure & freedom

With the journey comes closure on your past relationship - shame, guilt, fear, regret... all gone!

Self-worth, love, esteem...

Whatever you call it.. that feeling of being valuable, knowing what you need and meeting those needs!

Image by Darius Bashar

"Wow, wow wow. GOGL is so powerful and such food for thought!"


We're sorry but free access to the programme is now closed.
For help and support please return to your service.

If you would like to purchase the GOGL programme click here 

What you get in the programme?

A complete journey

100s of lessons including recorded audio (100+), written exercises, specialist meditations, journalling...

...all based on psychological approaches known to be effective.
The only known programme to cover the whole journey from escape to self-worth.

True Change, not a short term fix

Designed to take time - to guide you over a long period (6 months plus) to understand yourself and your past, to manage your emotions and thoughts and to feel empowered.

Small steps make a long journey

Book cover and app for get out get love programme

designed for mobile phone or desktop access

Delivered in short 15-minute (or less) lessons that you return to as often as you need to.  Easy to digest and designed not to overwhelm you!

"I don’t think that GOGL can replace one to one, personalised face to face therapy but it is certainly the next best thing!"


A huge toolkit for you!

A rich journey of content, including:


  • 100+ spoken recorded sessions from the founder (Dr Newman)... crafted as a journey you take at your own pace.

  • Free access to GOGL Buddy App, putting the most helpful resources at your fingertip.

  • 100 + Reflective exercises.

  • Meditations developed specifically for GOGL.

  • Regular writings from the founder or guests.

  • Monthly Q&A podcasts with the founder.

  • Exclusive invites to live webinars (subscribers only).

  • Full access to the platform - a resource for you, when you need it.



Sample & No Risk Sign Up

Take the guesswork out of how GOGL can help you... here are 2 ways to experience it.


1. Listen to a sample

A small sample of what you can expect in the programme:


ACT 1.1 Waking from a dreamDr Newman
00:00 / 03:13
ACT 1.2 Hooked on Abuse 1Dr Newman
00:00 / 06:31

A programme you can trust!

Created by a uniquely experienced clinician

Degree in Psychology (BSc Hons)

4 years

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

3 years

Doctorate in Behavioural Economics

4 years

Training in Family Therapy, ACT, PTSD, CBT...

10+ years

Years of therapist and coach experience

22+ years

Clients worked with in clinical settings

4,000 +

Personal experience of abusive relationships


Why GOGL is special

Based on an internationally published book

Based on Psychological theories

Informed by personal & clinical experience

Used by abuse charity sector

Complimentary to use alongside therapy

The only long-term digital solution on offer

Supported by government funding

Image by Marivi Pazos

 GOGL has been invaluable to me.  
Thank you for your guiding hand

Image by christian buehner

If only I’d had access to this when I was in the midst of my toxic relationship.

Image by Matheus Ferrero

It felt like the GOGL programme was personalised to me.

"Thank you for giving me the knowledge to forgive myself, understand my situation and stay away..."


(more testimonials)

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