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Get Out Get Love

The self-therapy programme that replaces shame and fear with freedom and self-love

Designed with women, for women.

I can’t thank GOGL enough – I literally have a new life that I love, being me!

Image by Andrae Ricketts

Liberating you from fear, obligation, guilt and shame

Designed and created by award-winning Psychologist Dr Craig Newman - author and survivor of an abusive relationship.  

A programme that is designed as invitation to understand yourself better, with the tools provided to make that possible.

Three reasons to self-care with GOGL


I’m sure that GOGL was created just for me...

It’s challenging but so good!


30 days money back.png

Packed with much needed value...

  • 100+ Evidence-Based Audio Lessons all from the founder (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Craig Newman).

  • Embedded compassionate mind course

  • Meditations Designed specifically for those healing after abuse

  • Rescue resources to help you at times of known crisis

  • Monthly Q&A Podcast where the founder answers user questions

  • Live events with the founder and/or expert Psychologist.

  • Self-paced, long-term journey - with resources you can use as and when you need to.

Image by Marivi Pazos

Try it for size...

It's understandable that you might lack trust. 

Listen to these two tracks from the programme (120+ more in the programme + much, much more).  

A taste of the programme... more information available in the links below.

ACT 1.1 Waking from a dreamDr Newman
00:00 / 03:13
ACT 1.1_ Waking up MY STORYDr Newman
00:00 / 13:17
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