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Develop GOGL with us

Join our research (collaborators & participants needed)

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Our research

The GOGL team are experienced and highly skilled researchers.  We are delivering research to assess how the GOGL programme:

  • feels inviting to people of all sexes, cultures, ages and sexualities.

  • is a positive experience for as many users as possible

  • adds real value to the lives of users

  • is designed to match need and preference of most users

Who can apply

We want to make GOGL a good fit for all people, so please apply if you are 18 or over and have already left a relationship that you consider abusive - and any of the following...

  • Female / Male / Transgender

  • LGBTQ+

  • Black \ Asian \ Other ethnic groups

  • Self-identified disabled

Current studies

1. Government funded pilot study of the GOGL programme - identifying the response of adults using the programme, after leaving an abusive relationship.  Recruitment CLOSED

2. Consultation groups to support the design of our future GOGL app.  Coming July 2023

Studies coming soon

1. Evaluation of the GOGL programme to support the emotional and recovery needs people who have left abusive relationships and are currently engaged in stressful court proceedings (divorce, child custody, false accusations etc).

2. Evaluation of the book as an intervention, with 100 readers (international study).

Please be aware that this programme is not designed for people at risk of suicide. If you feel you are in crisis and are at risk of suicide please click here for organisations who can support you 

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