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Image by Brett Jordan

Our Goal

We hope to make GOGL free at the point of contact for all people in crisis.  This means that we have to develop a sustainable model for GOGL where those who can pay do and those can't, gain access.

We hope to link GOGL to a number of markets that will likely benefit from abuse victims being supported.  These include:

  • Family legal service providers

  • Large scale employers

  • Local family support services

Our Plan

GOGL hopes to income generate by a number of means, all of which provide value for money - rather than working as a charity and drawing from already limited charity funds.  GOGL is not a charity and aims to be a successful business, with positive ethics at its core. 

Our current business plan includes:

  • Developing a store to sell positive merchandise, with profits supporting GOGL technology and marketing.

  • Delivery and sale of the digital programme to the markets listed above.

  • Development and release of the Get Love recovery model for those long out of abuse who seek deeper understanding and recovery, as a paid for app.

All of these approaches are designed to help us to make the service available at the point of need, for those most in need.

We hope to partner with a charitable fund provider, so that we can attract organisational sponsors to accelerate the programme.  This money being managed transparently, to meet project costs, and not support profit making.

What you can do to help

A few simple ideas for you...

1. Sign up below and offer to spread the word when we fully launch. We will call on our supporters at key points.

2. Offer a testimonial, if you have completed the book or the programme.

3. Link us to legal services / employers who may be interested in supporting their staff with our programme.

4. Consider buying a product from our store (coming soon), as a gift for someone who needs it (or yourself).


Sign up to support
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