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Taking back control of your life
after an abusive ex

Whether you left your ex yesterday or fifteen years ago, 

we can empower your recovery!



but worth it!"



What is it?

The Get Out Get Love programme (GOGL) is a digital self-delivered recovery programme for all adults, all sexes and ages - to support your empowerment and journey towards healing and a better future.

Developed by Chartered Psychologists with UK government funding.

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Self Compassion after abuse

A 6-week self compassion programme- for free.

Learn what self-compassion is, why it is so important to us after experiencing abusive relationships and how to use it to support your recovery.


Is this for me?

Take our 10 Minute
'How relationships should
not feel'

Our relationship feelings assessment explores the feelings you experienced in your past relationship(s) and the effect this had on you.  

Explore your experiences of fear, guilt and shame - and your ability to meet your own needs.


How the programme works


Enter self-delivered recovery programme.  
Designed to support long-lasting recovery alongside your life changes.


200+ lessons, meditations and exercises in 10-20 minute chunks.  Progress at your own pace with total flexibility. 


Return to sections as you progress and old needs resurface or old learning becomes needed, again. 

What 'Recovery' Means

A transformational programme

How to overcome Fear, Obligation, Guilt and shame - alongside how to develop a true sense of self-forgiveness and self-worth/love.  

A journey of recovery designed by Psychologists and survivors, with lived experience of abusive relationships.

Providing you with the tools to create a
self-loving life

200+ lessons, meditations and exercises

Additional writings and user questions answered.

Giving you choice

Putting your needs first...

  • totally confidential.

  • self-paced to be flexible around life.

  • mixed media (audio and reading options available for all lessons).

  • accessible from any internet-ready device (app and/or browser version).

  • affordable - a fraction of the cost of alternate long-term options. 

  • evidence-based

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What our users say...

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