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What GOGL users say.

Feedback from people who have undertaken the GOGL journey.
Image by Sonika Agarwal

GOGL was evaluated

From November 2022 to May 2023 we completed a UK government-funded evaluation of GOGL, asking people who had escaped abusive relationships to report on the impact of GOGL on their lives and their perception of its value, in supporting people.

The full report is due in June - here we provide testimonials from that study to support others, considering the use of the programme or referral to it.

Our data is mostly qualitative, with robust methodology and University ethics.  The reasons for this approach to outcome measurement, we have written about here.

Testimonials / Feedback from GOGL users

The pilot evaluation report is coming in June, along with a published paper soon after (we hope).

For now, we are presenting some of the testimonials for those who want to see the impact GOGL is having:


Thank you for giving me the knowledge to forgive myself, understand my situation and stay away.


Wow, wow wow. GOGL is so powerful and such food for thought! If only I’d had access to this when I was in the midst of my toxic relationship.


GOGL explains abusive relationships in such an easy-to-understand way that looking back, it seems so obvious what was happening. With the support GOGL provides, I can see that I am capable of not using this as a stick to beat myself with but rather a key to seeing that I am worthy of self-love and will be able to protect myself from falling into a similar unhealthy relationship in the future.


GOGL expertly guides and supports you through taking action and the healing process one step at a time. Craig speaks with compassion but also with authority, urging you to notice and to be awake, stay awake and to take action.


Although the programme is logical and user-friendly It’s certainly not easy emotionally and does require effort in order to be effective. I know that I will stick with it and it will be worth it.


I have really engaged with journaling due to the prompts and questions that Craig suggests and I am finding this incredibly valuable. Not knowing what to write has put me off journaling in the past so having a structure to follow really takes away that anxiety.

I have learned so much from GOGL. Not only that, but I feel I will keep returning to it and using it as a reference as I continue to move forwards.


I don’t think that GOGL can replace one-to-one, personalised face-to-face therapy but it is certainly the next best thing!


A social prescriber Introduced me to GOGL a month or so after I left. It has been my crutch, shoulder to lean on - over the past few months. GOGL has helped me through and understand what I have been through and why I made the decisions I did . The rollercoaster nightmare is still ongoing, but I feel I have someone walking alongside me.


I found GOGL useful in explaining what I couldn't understand about my experience, but also explaining aspects I didn't even know linked into my abuse. It felt like the GOGL programme was personalised to me.


The GOGL Programme has changed my life. I now have an understanding of my experiences that I had never been able to face before. It has provided light bulb moments throughout, and has given me the time and space to understand my abusive relationship and how to avoid relationships like this in the future.


It gives me great strength to know that the programme is there for me, so I don't feel alone in my journey.


This programme was written just for me! I feel overwhelmed and so grateful to have been able to take part.


My healing journey is well on the way. I have learned so much in a very short time.


I feel very strongly that this should be a compulsory programme for those that work in the field of abuse.

Who were the GOGL users?

We recruited 61 people, who had left their abusive relationship and were seeking support. 

Participants were recruited via social media advertisements, charity referrals and social prescriber referrals.

The demographics are shown below:

Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 13.36.51.png
Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 13.37.13.png

Stage of recovery

The participants were from all stages of recovery, from immediate escape through to longer-term escape and continued emotional need:

Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 13.37.36.png

Full report - interest registration

If you'd like the full report - please contact us and register your interest in being sent this as soon as it is released.

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