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With GOGL, legal services get 

a long-term benefit, for your domestic abuse clients

GOGL helps your people to feel supported alongside or after their legal case... or as an option for those who need total flexibility to their own pace and lifestyle.

People supporting their own long-term recovery means low-cost options for your law service - that doesn't irritate the legal process.

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How we help Family Law Services


Providing confidential and legally compatible support

GOGL can be accessed without personal disclosures, which can be important for clients who are not ready to discuss their abuse or would face legal ramifications for any claims made. No situational notes are collected, meaning the programme is not subject to disclosure requests.

Designed by Chartered Psychologists, with established and award-winning eHealth experience.

5 Ways we help

01 - Legally compatible support

02 - Supporti through law process

03 - Reducing the burden on your team

04 - Upskill your legal team

05 - Immediate support option


Supporting survivors through the family law process

Supporting your clients with evicence-based approaches that help with maintaining zero contact and to understand their own story of abuse.


Reducing the burden on family law services

Helping you to help your clients. Providing them a place to channel their trauma and reflections - with the knowledge of their own abuse needed to engage with the legal process.

Reducing the need on your team, to educate your clients on their history and needs.



Upskill your legal team

GOGL is available for access to your own legal team. Upskill your own team on the complexities of abuse and recovery, by completing section 1 of the programme.

Don't underestimate the value of this offer - we regularly get feedback from the abuse sector that GOGL enlightened skilled staff on the process of grooming and psychological adaptation.



Immediate support

Access is immediate for your clients. No waiting list - available on any internet enabled device.

Flexible around need, with users moving backwards and forwards as their needs change over time.

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Let's Talk

Joined-up impact starts with a conversation.

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