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The vision for GOGL

A book and beyond...
Image by Sonika Agarwal

Why do we need GOGL?

Craig's own experiences of domestic abuse services and resources for families led him to believe that there is a much-needed gap to be filled.

Too much energy seemed to be invested in pushing hard on the narrative "do not go back" and the idea that this is reinforced by educating abuse victims about abusers, their behaviours and the outcomes.

He believes, based on his own experience and that of others, that this is a risky approach.  Potentially triggering constant thinking about our exes and also promoting shame and guilt for loving such people, without clear understandings of why we do. 


GOGL takes a very different approach in that very little time is wasted thinking about abusers with the intervention being aimed at understanding ourselves, forgiving, soothing and growing the behaviours and beliefs needed to love ourselves.  


GOGL also challenges the negative impression that abuse victims are weak and broken.  Craig is a renowned and successful Psychologist, who reveals how his own awareness was not a safety net for him when it came to domestic abuse.  His deep reveals on the Psychology of being a victim are empowering to those who have experienced abuse and a story changer for those who look in and think, "why doesn't he/she just leave?"

The narrative switches from "just leave" or "don't go back" to a more positive and mapped out route towards how to understand, recover and love ourselves.

A dream for large scale impact

The driving force behind GOGL is a desire to inform and equip a large number of abuse survivors to understand their experiences and to recover.  It is a project with a purpose!


This starts with a book, but will extend towards other ways of spreading learning over a three-year plan - to include:

  • self-help online courses

  • live events

  • training for abuse advisors/counsellors in this approach

  • a digital support service for those striving to maintain zero contact


The aspiration to support others includes as many methods of delivery as we can achieve.  

A feasible dream?

The author, Dr Craig Newman, is a multi-award winner for his work in developing large scale solutions that support others.  His services have supported 1,000s of people with their health and even saved lives in some contexts.  These have included:


- worldwide dementia assessment improvement technologies.

- reducing the risk of death in epilepsy

- national mental health support for health workers through COVID 

As the lead/founder of these services, at scale and all at no profit, a huge international impact has been achieved.

Craig hopes to take these skills into the abuse sector to create solutions and education that aids abuse survivors.  Only time will tell.

Craig's awards to date:

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 13.04.38.png

Spread the word!

We really need only one thing from you - spread the word.

Empower those who are recovering or escaping from abuse by gifting them the book, or linking them to our free resources.  

Read the book yourself and understand abuse at a deeper level, help us to remove the stigma on abuse victims as weak individuals and put the focus on self-love as the route to recovery.

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