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HR Case : GOGL for Employees

A brief summary of the main rationales / evidence / opportunities for business and / or employees to access GOGL.

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The Known Cost of DA

The Hidden Costs

It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults (1 in 4 women) are victims of DA.  
put in context:  1,000 long-term staff might include 200 with DA history (a productivity cost of £1.4m).

However, we know these figures are likely an underestimate due to large scale under-reporting and that many DA victims go on to have long-term mental health issues.

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Wellbeing Obligations

There is an increasing obligation on businesses to meet the wellbeing needs of staff - both from the UK government but also from staff themselves.  DA is increasingly considered a wellbeing need, to be met by organisations.  

Current solutions vs GOGL

Get Out Get Love is self-delivered, self-serviced, long-term and can cost less than 1% of the known productivity output cost per staff member, and 5% of alternative solutions (1 to 1 therapy etc).

See our evidence here and more about the programme.

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