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With our platform, therapists get

a client support option, that creates long-term success.

Supporting your clients to address their long-term recovery needs, after their in person trauma therapy.

An economic option for clients to meet their own recovery needs for the 6-12 months following therapy.

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How we help therapists and their clients


Extend your offer

Extend​ the reach of your therapeutic support by 12 months per client, for a fraction of alternative support costs.

Provide long-term recovery support during waiting lists, alongside therapies or at the end of stabilisation and trauma therapy support.

5 Ways we help

01 - Extend your offer

02 - Expand your models

03 - Give choice

04 - Affordable & scaleable support

05 - Upgrade your approach


Expand your models

Our programme brings together the dominant recovery models and approaches (CBT, self-compassion, narrative and emotional regulation methods) to support long-term change.

Built out of extensive expert and lived-experience approaches, to meet a diverse client population. An approach you can trust.


Give choice

Try before you buy/refer.

We can provide you access to our sandbox version at no cost, if you'd like to explore the programme for yourself.

This is our most popular route towards purchase, from therapists.



Affordable & scaleable support

We offer discounted license offers for referrers, enabling you to gift access to the programme as an economic service offer.

Designed to work with even the smallest private practice approach.



Upgrade your approach

The programme can be used alongside therapy, with numerous therapists and clients reporting positive gains of this approach.

Providing a pre-built approach and support materials between sessions.

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Let's Talk

Joined-up impact starts with a conversation.

Ask for evidence.

Request a free trial.

Discuss how we can support your needs

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