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Case Study : DA Service

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service (ESDAS) Case Study.

The Challenge: Expanding demand, in an LA commissioned provider, to support more people and to add alternative access options.




ESDAS purchased GOGL licenses to support its independent stakeholder, service user and diverse inclusion needs evaluation (2023).

They asked the questions - is this appropriate, does it add value, is it something clients need, is it useable?


The evaluation revealed a strong service user desire for the programme to be offered as a digital option for service users. 
Results also showed a highly positive response from trans and neurodiverse service user representatives.

Image by Riccardo Annandale
Image by Diane Helentjaris


Feedback from ESDAS:

"We are excited to work with 'Get Out, Get Love', making it a choice for those we support in our region. The programme is unique in that it focuses on recovery through positive language that is more about personal growth than the horrors of abuse”. 

Feedback from ESDAS service users:

“I've found it empowering and feel a sense of confidence in how far I've come, my knowledge, and rebuilding my identity"

“There is a huge amount of resources and support that I wish I'd had access to sooner as it would have really helped me earlier in my journey"

"I find it explains emotional aspects so accurately that I'd like to hand it to professionals, who sometimes don't get it!"

Feedback on the GOGL book:


"I feel that it's written in a very accessible way meaning that anyone could read the book.

My son is autistic and he found that he understood some things better than he had done before. Quite often in books such as this he misses important bits because they are not explained in a way he understands. So he finds this book in his words 'very user friendly' ". 

Commissioned GOGL - 2024

June 2024, ESDAS commissioned and launched GOGL as a digital pathway for its service users via a bespoke URL and branded landing page.  

Digital implementation support provided to ESDAS, for the digital change initiative.

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