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Case Study : Women's Centre

Chorley Women's Centre (CWC) - a women's support service (non-DA specific).

The Challenge: Supporting the high occurrence of domestic abuse experiences, in attending women.



Chorley Women's Centre (CWC)  were a pilot site in the 2023 National Health Institute Research (NIHR) funded acceptability study.

They participated in evaluating the value of GOGL for their clients and staff team.


The evaluation revealed observed benefits for the women who attended the CWC, both as an alternative and alongside counselling.

The CWC team completed the GOGL programme also, finding it educational and personally beneficial.

Image by Riccardo Annandale
Image by Diane Helentjaris


Feedback from CWC: 

"Despite not being a domestic abuse service, we see so many women effected by a past history of abuse… having never accessed specialist support. Domestic abuse is such a common experience for the women we support that we intend to offer the programme to all of them."

Feedback from CWC service users : 

"I plan on continuing it. I’m committed to try and help myself to heal. I currently use it nearly daily."

" has certainly helped me to understand my experience deeper. I do find the meditations particularly useful and relaxing"

"Using GOGL for me was easy, as you can do it whenever you want with no limitation of time."

Commissioned GOGL - 2024

June 2024, the CWC commissioned GOGL for all of its annual referred caseload, considering DA to be so common that they wanted the service available to all clients.  

Digital implementation support provided to CWC, for the digital change initiative.

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