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With GOGL, charities get 

a long-term option, for their clients

GOGL helps your people to feel supported alongside or after your care... or as an option for those who need total flexibility to their own pace and lifestyle.

People supporting their own long-term recovery means low-cost options for your service - that extend your offer by 9-12 months+

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How we help DA charities


Extend your offer

Extend​ the reach of your service support by 12 months per client, for a fraction of alternative support costs.

Provide long-term recovery support during waiting lists, alongside therapies or at the end of stabilisation and trauma therapy support.

5 Ways we help

01 - Extend your offer

02 - Supporting client choice

03 - Upskill your team

04 - Cost efficiency

05 - Evidencing your impact


Empower with choice

Whilst therapies are well evidenced, it is known that many people in need opt out of face-to-face support.

GOGL provides an evidence-based alternative - an empowering choice for your people.


Upskill your team

As a team of Chartered Psychologists, we can also offer training to your staff - both in the GOGL model and in ways of working, alongside digital solutions.  

All subscribing charity's staff are provided free access to the programme, for their own development.



Cost efficient

We have a range of licensing options that make GOGL not only affordable, but incredibly flexible around your needs.

Don't let cost scare you off before you talk to us - we are here to create impact with you.



Evidence your impact

GOGL is capable of collecting data about your clients - both during and after their time with your face-to-face services.  

We can collect long-term data to show your long-term impact / outcomes to your beneficiaries and funders.

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Let's Talk

Joined-up impact starts with a conversation.

Ask for evidence.

Request a free trial.

Discuss how we can support your needs

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