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With our platform, corporate teams get 

an accessible domestic abuse support option, for their staff

GOGL helps your people to feel supported to recover after escaping domestic abuse... as an option for those who need flexibility and privacy.

People supporting their own long-term recovery means your staff have immediate access to evidence-based guidance.

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How we help corporate teams


Empower your staff

The primary reason that staff don't seek help at work, in relation to domestic abuse, is due to the shame and need for privacy common to this experience (TUC report)

Our solution offers a private self-refer option for those staff who want support without the need to disclose at work.

5 Ways we help

01 - Empower your staff

02 - Meet your obligations

03 - Upskill your team

04 - Affordable & scaleable support

05 - Benefit from ROI


Meet your obligations

Government pressure is mounting on businesses to see DA recovery needs as a wellbeing support obligation.

Our solutions equip you with tangible ways to demonstrate meeting this need.


Upskill your team

We can support you to train your OH/HR department in terms of policy development alongside bespoke training to managers, in supporting staff who disclose a need.

Our consultancy will also include engagement and awareness campaign strategies for your organisation.



Affordable & scaleable support

Our digital programme is fractional in price, relative to the costs of therapy and/or staff absence due to mental health issues well linked to DA experiences.

Our consultancy support is costed appropriately, against the size of your organisation.



Benefit from ROI

£14bn per annum is lost to UK businesses due to staff DA experiences ( The cost to businesses, is well documented internationally (KPMG).

Supporting staff to recover from the extensive trauma of DA, will positively lead to a ROI.

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Let's Talk

Joined-up impact starts with a conversation.

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