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GOGL - what is it?


A long-term digital recovery programme that empowers survivors from domestic abuse towards recovery (freedom and self-worth).  

Supporting all stages of recovery...

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Supporting recovery from the point of escape to long-term historic abuse.

A 12-month intervention that can sit alongside your offers, support waiting clients and serve as a discharge resource.

What survivors, like you, say...

“There's no, there's no undertone in there where it's like you doing this course means that you're a weak person, whether you're male, female, or however you identify. "

“Get out Get Love, it's a journey. And it's, it's one that can be taken together, and that no one is really on their own in it.” 

"I am no longer lost in existence alone and afraid. Get Out Get Love is providing me the terra firma from the storm that engulfs me. No longer chained and anchored, I am navigating through clearer, calmer waters with new knowledge and understanding.  Thank you for changing my life!"

"I plan to return again and again to the programme to complete it fully and to return to which ever part I need, whenever I need to."

"GOGL is a wonderful, powerful journey of discovery, the discovery of myself and the true life that I am meant to live; the life that is mine. Finding freedom, finding peace, finding happiness, finding acceptance, forgiving and loving myself. 

How it can help you...

Users tell us that GOGL provides mood, education, rescue and coping benefits:


Hear them speak for themselves...

Is it easy for people to use?

Put simply... yes!

  • 100% reported being confident in using GOGL.

  • 100% stated that GOGL was easy to use, privately.

  • 100% say it was say it was easy to use, without support.

  • 100% of users reported that the time investment into GOGL was worthwhile.

What is it?

Created by Dr Craig Newman - Clinical Psychologist and person with lived DA experience. Informed by Attachment Narrative Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural and Compassion-Focused approaches - adapted to create a bespoke recovery model for domestic abuse.

A unique programme - where the clients are taken on a journey with the founder (Dr Newman) to re-author their abuse story towards one of recovery and power of their emotions and future.

Find out more here.

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  • 100+ Evidence-Based Audio Lessons all from the founder (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Craig Newman).

  • Available as an App / Desktop / self-help book based programme.

  • Embedded compassionate mind course

  • Meditations Designed specifically for those healing after abuse

  • Rescue resources to help you at times of known crisis

  • Weekly articles answering user queries.

  • Live events with the founder and/or expert Psychologist.

  • Self-paced, long-term journey - with resources you can use as and when you need to.

Robust evaluation evidence...

Single Page summary

Get Out Get Love is committed to evidence based practice.

The digital programme was built with government funding and evaluated within both 2 studies alongside DA service partners & NHS services:

  • Innovate UK funded evaluation (report here)  

  • NIHR funded service improvement study (report here).

Already, our threshold for evidence is higher than most alternatives.  

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How to access it.

If you wanting access, you can start a no-risk free trial.


If you are a DA service / HR wellbeing provider, please contact us to discuss how we can support you.

Let's create 100,000 self-love stories together!

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