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Helping you to support the SUCCESS in your people who are recovering from domestic abuse

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A hidden but prolific work issue...

Research suggests that in the UK, in 2021:

  • One-in-three workers (32%) experienced domestic abuse.

  • More than half (56%) of those said the frequency of their abuse had increased.

  • A third (33%) of those said their workplace provided access to a safe space to work.

  • Almost all (94%) said it impacted their work performance, with a third (32%) stating it had also seriously affected their career progression.

  • Only 16% said their workplace had a dedicated policy supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

The impact is not hidden...

Whilst the government is openly calling on businesses to meet the needs of staff, it is in the interests of businesses to meet their own needs and to embrace the fact that work can be safe for people and more...

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Why we want to help

Our Founder, Dr Craig Newman - a Clinical Psychologist and serial eHealth technologist... also a DA survivor.


After his experience of escape, DA services and recovery - he wrote the book 'Get Out Get Love' and has since created this programme to support people in need... and the sector.


Craig has won many awards for healthcare innovation and social impact - he is bringing that experience to the DA sector.

Three ways GOGL can help you, to help people

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I’m sure that GOGL was created just for me...

It’s challenging but so good!


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Build on the safety that workplaces can offer...
...and empower your staff.

  • 100+ Evidence-Based Audio Lessons all from the founder (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Craig Newman).

  • Embedded compassionate mind course

  • Meditations Designed specifically for those healing after abuse

  • Rescue resources to help staff at times of known crisis (emotional dysregulation, trust issue spikes, urges to contact ex etc).

  • Monthly Q&A Podcast where the founder answers user questions

  • Live events with the founder and/or expert Psychologist.

  • Self-paced, long-term journey - with resources staff can use as and when you need to.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

Want a sample?

We understand the need to explore a product.

There are 2 tracks below to show the general feel and flow.

Write to us and ask how you can get free licenses for your team / trusted stakeholders to explore the offer.

ACT 1.1 Waking from a dreamDr Newman
00:00 / 03:13
ACT 1.1_ Waking up MY STORYDr Newman
00:00 / 13:17

Let's create 100,000 self-love stories together!

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