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A fraction of the true need

These numbers are striking, but are really the icing on the cake in all probability.  

Figures are likely higher and we are seeing trends increase in recent years - with increased government pressure on NHS services to find more cases... 

... and this only includes those who know they are / were being abused.


Get Out Get Love
... an attempt to create a movement

Written and created by Dr Craig Newman - a Clinical Psychologist and serial eHealth technologist... also a DA survivor.


After his experience of escape, DA services and recovery - he wrote the book 'Get Out Get Love' and has since created this programme to support people in need... and the sector.


He is driven both by the lack of service support available to meet demand and his own realisation that many people are not even aware of their own abuse history and the impact it has had on them.

Press Pack

Psychologist realises we can experience abuse and not know it... responds with a scalable solution.

Get Out Get Love is the recipient of UK govt funding from Innovate UK to build the world’s first long-term recovery programme

Psychologist and survivor - turning both his experience of creating high-impact innovation to the world of DA and his own personal journey of leaving an abusive relationship. Creates world’s first long-term recovery programme.

Readers can access a free-with-purchase online course on Self-Compassion

GOGL - a counter response to the 2)     ‘Red Pill’ movement: popular media narrative around extreme misogyny and ‘gaming’ the system to exploit women.

Changing the narrative on abuse... an entirely positive perspective on recovery

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Free access for your journalists / editors.

If you are a health writer/editor - we are happy to provide access to the book and/or digital programme along with interview time.

More information on the content is below.  You can contact us for access support.

Let's create 100,000 self-love stories together!

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I’m sure that GOGL was created just for me...

It’s challenging but so good!


Evidenced outcomes, GOGL alongside DA services.

Single Page summary

Innovate UK funded a qualitative evaluation of the programme: with 60 participants, referred from DA services.  



• 96% said it connected with their own experience

• 89% said they’d like to continue using it in the long-term (i.e. returning to it over time)

• 96% rated it 4 stars or above (65% 5 stars)

• 93% stated that it was helpful in their recovery.

• Users made specific recommendations for GOGL to be made available alongside DA service support (and therapy)

• GOGL supported continuity of support for people in transient accommodation / circumstances.

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A book & a digital programme...
many roads to self-love

App mock2
  • 100+ Evidence-Based Audio Lessons all from the founder (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Craig Newman).

  • Available as an App / Desktop / self-help book based programme.

  • Embedded compassionate mind course

  • Meditations Designed specifically for those healing after abuse

  • Rescue resources to help you at times of known crisis

  • Monthly Q&A Podcast where the founder answers user questions

  • Live events with the founder and/or expert Psychologist.

  • Self-paced, long-term journey - with resources you can use as and when you need to.

Contact Instructions

For publicity enquiries please contact & 

For programme access enquiries, please click below to talk request access:

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