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Develop a self-compassionate response to fear, guilt and shame

(A free complete 6-week programme)


Self-compassion - the golden bullet.

As a standalone resource and in combination with GOGL, we have provided a self-compassionate course. 

The programme introduces self-compassion, creates an understanding of why it is so important to any of us who have experienced abusive relationships - and provides exercises that can be used regularly or at times of most need.

We recommend completing the whole course, which is intentionally short - and then using the exercises at a pace that suits you best.  Our Free app supports this in the long term.

Take what you need, as not all of the exercises fit all people.  Find what works best for you.

This whole programme was designed by the author and founder of GOGL, Dr Newman.

We hope it is helpful to you and others.

1. How to get the 6-week Programme, for free.

The programme used to cost £34.99 for 12-months access, but we recently made it FREE for all.

Just click & read below to get started...

2. How to access the programme

Book cover and app for get out get love programme

Once you've created an account with us, and registered:

- You can login here at and click 'Your Area' at the top of the screen to access the programme.

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